The art of remote selling

With less exposure to customers, how do sales managers add extras to increase profitability?


Life in car dealerships has changed – make no mistake. But even with less exposure to the customer, a skilled sales manager can add extras to seal the deal and increase profitability.

To a sales manager, upselling is an art – a way of building trust and rapport with a customer, as well as maximising profit at the point of sale. But with a move towards more and more contactless sales in all areas of retail, the opportunities to upsell are becoming less common.

“We used to say ‘a feel of the wheel seals the deal’,” said Terry Marcus, an industry veteran with a background selling Saab and Vauxhall at main dealer level. “And once you’d got the customer on the hook, you’d have a coffee and a friendly chat about how much they were looking forward to their new car and the next thing you know you’d sold them some mud flaps, an audio upgrade and paint protection.”

The LifeShine App can be used to demonstrate the benefits of LifeShine during face-to-face discussions with customers, and also remotely using the web-based format.

But today, with many customers choosing and configurating their new car online before even entering a showroom (if at all), those opportunities are harder to come by. The challenge is made greater by the removal of brochures and point of sale materials from dealerships as well in many cases. This side-effect of the coronavirus pandemic not only removes a prompt from the customer, but also from the salesperson who may be so absorbed in the deal that a quick visual nudge could be the difference between them selling on extra protection products and it slipping their mind in the closing stages.

But there are still ways of demonstrating upsell opportunities in a contact-free manner – great news if you want to maximise your profits by selling LifeShine.

One of the most useful tools is the LifeShine App, which can be used to demonstrate the benefits of the technology during face-to-face discussions with customers, but is also available in a web-based format.

Many of you will have used the interactive LifeShine App on an iPad as part of face-to-face discussions with customers, but a web-based version is also available. It’s simple to operate and can be used as an incentive when talking to customers digitally – be that through a meeting call on Zoom, Teams or similar, or via a more traditional email-based exchange. If you don’t get the chance to demo the benefits of LifeShine live, which is always the most effective way, you can at least give the customer the opportunity to discover more for themselves.

If customers have an appetite to know more about how LifeShine works, you can also share the ‘How it Works’ video clip, which can often make the difference between scepticism and commitment, much in the same way that a ‘feel of the wheel seals the deal’ on the car itself.

If a refresh of sales training would be helpful to cover any aspect of the LifeShine sales process, if we can help identify conversion opportunities, or if your valeting teams need refresher training in LifeShine application methods, please contact your LifeShine Regional Manager for details.

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