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We’re delighted to announce the launch of new, improved LifeShine


LifeShine has exploded in popularity in recent years, building upon the excellent reputation it has garnered since being released back in 2004. It’s a proven, industry-leading vehicle protection system, one which can provide an invaluable additional revenue stream to your business while also providing your customers with a tangible benefit.

The need to provide adequate aftersales support to your customers while still maintaining all-important margins has long been a tricky balance to maintain, and this has only become tougher in the present, deeply uncertain economic climate. It can therefore be no coincidence that LifeShine has become increasingly popular as the decade has progressed, with thousands of dealerships turning to our class-leading vehicle protection system as a means of offering their customers extra value for money.

Now, the best has just got even better. Today sees the launch of new, improved LifeShine, which provides two significant points of difference to the overall offer.

We’ve created what we firmly believe is a game changer for the motor trade. A product that’s easy to apply, works better than the competition and best of all, offers profit to the dealer and value to the end user.

The formulation for paint protection has been improved, with a new, highly significant property finding its way into the mix – colour enhancement. This means that a single application doesn’t merely protect your customer’s paintwork, it will provide superior depth of colour, helping to return even used cars closer to their former, ‘as new’ brilliance. Tests carried out with four competitor products showed that the improved LifeShine product had a far superior depth of colour difference of up to 31%. This will doubtless prove an invaluable tool in the cut-and-thrust world of used car sales, enabling dealerships to further add value while increasing penetration rates on pre-owned vehicles.

The second benefit is a real game changer – and finally gives dealership sales staff a true ‘in’ for that most common of airborne contaminants – bird droppings! LifeShine’s guarantee has been enhanced to cover for damage to vehicle paintwork caused by bird droppings – just another example of how Autoglym is listening to dealer personnel to give them the objection handling benefits they need to close a sale.

Two key features that were essential to preserve with the new product were speed of application and durability. The market-leading speed of application has been maintained with the new product, with the whole process taking just half an hour. We are only too aware of the relationship between cost, profit and time, and have developed LifeShine accordingly. This ensures that dealers can work through a large number of cars in a single day.

Further tests also revealed that product durability is also unchanged with the new formula. Not only is it just as durable as the outgoing formulation, but it has far superior durability compared to competitors, forming a long-lasting (500+ washes) barrier against a wide variety of common contaminants, including UV rays, fallout and inclement weather. Independent testing verifies LifeShine’s effectiveness in this respect, with previous controlled durability tests confirming LifeShine Carbon Shield Technology™’s ability to outlast competitor systems a significant margin.

LifeShine can call upon the full weight of the Autoglym marketing machine, which in practice means dealers opting to join the programme will have a full range of sales aids at their disposal, not to mention eye-catching point of sales materials, and a new, easy-to-use portal for registering guarantees. The launch is also supported by an extensive press and digital advertising campaign to drive consideration and demand.

LifeShine also caters for automotive glazing and interiors, hence the inclusion of both an ultra-effective glass treatment and an interior protectant. Customers are provided with a complimentary LifeShine Aftercare Collection, which includes a range of all suitable Autoglym products, all designed to preserve the protective qualities of Carbon Shield TechnologyTM and help them to keep their car in perfect condition. The product is also backed by a lifetime guarantee and is wholly supported by Autoglym and their national team of technical service specialists.

product shot

The ultimate complimentary aftercare collection provided for consumers with each LifeShine treatment

One of the unsung reasons for LifeShine’s impressive market penetration is down to its maker; Autoglym is a royal warranted company and has been a fixture of the car care landscape for generations, with its distinctive packaging and royal crest having graced almost every garage, lock-up in the country! Autoglym’s position within wider car culture means that it’s trusted by the vast majority of consumers, which goes a long way towards explaining why LifeShine is the also most recognised brand amongst decision makers and sales people, and also why, on average, penetration rate increases by a hefty 8.6% when dealers switch to LifeShine.

Commenting on the changes to Autoglym’s premier dealership product, Autoglym CEO Paul Caller said, “We’ve listened closely to both our trade customers and end users to create what we firmly believe is a game changer for the motor trade. A product that’s easy to apply, works better than the competition and best of all, offers profit to the dealer and value to the end user. We’ve already seen huge interest in the trade from our previous LifeShine offerings, and this latest, all-new incarnation promises the best opportunity yet.”

LifeShine is endorsed by some of the largest and most exclusive OEMs and Dealer Groups around, including VW Group, Honda, Vauxhall, Mazda and Subaru, Sytner, Marshall and Group 1 Automotive, and is underpinned by significant levels of investment in consumer advertising to raise awareness of LifeShine and its protective potential.

To find out how LifeShine can benefit your business and for a free demonstration, please call 01462 677766 or email


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