Maximising opportunities at the point of sale

Examining how dealers can make the most of incremental sales


Boosting penetration rates through incremental sales when a new vehicle is purchased has undoubtedly become a key factor as motor retailers seek every possible opportunity to maximise revenue. Set against a backdrop of slim profit margins and the need to achieve sales targets in order to secure a manufacturer’s volume bonus, securing lucrative additional business has never been more important for dealers.

Products that present opportunities fit broadly into three categories: Regulated finance and insurance, such as funding packages, GAP and tyre insurance, which are subject to the Financial Conduct Authority’s Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) initiative; accessories and paint protection systems. Although arguably easier to sell than regulated finance products, paint protection needs to be effectively presented and related to the customer’s needs in order to secure the sale.

As the leading premium car care brand, Autoglym has developed its LifeShine vehicle protection system (VPS) into a compelling proposition for the customer, extending beyond paint protection by also safeguarding glass and interior surfaces. With effective sales and application training and point of sale materials, LifeShine has achieved penetration rates of over 50% for dealers in the premium segment and by 30-40% in the volume sector.

Autoglym recommends that sales staff incorporate the benefits of vehicle protection into each stage of the sales process. This links the features and benefits of LifeShine to a customer’s specific needs, just as they would when recommending a particular vehicle that fits the budget. With this in mind, it’s never too early to talk to customers about protecting their vehicle’s condition and the impact it will have on residual value. This is particularly relevant if the vehicle is being funded with a lease purchase product.

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By providing an overall VPS, sales staff can link the benefits of LifeShine to the customer’s intended use of the vehicle. For example, customers buying family cars are likely to be conscious of stains or pet hairs on the interior and general wear and tear. LifeShine’s water repellent Interior Protectant coating which is applied to the seats, carpets, mats and boot lining, provides a solution by safeguarding against permanent stains across a wide range of materials including fabric, leather and alcantara. As a result, any spills can be easily wiped away rather than seeping into the fabric.

Turning to the exterior of the vehicle, LifeShine’s Bodywork Carbon Shield Technology is designed to maintain the showroom finish of the vehicle by providing a bright, ultra-reflective gloss finish which gives a deep, long-lasting shine. This in turn can enhance the residual value of the vehicle at part exchange. Other benefits include resistance to harsh chemicals, such as those commony used in hand car wash facilities and protection from UV damage. The hydrophobic properties of the bodywork protection also prevents dirt from attracting to the paintwork, making ongoing cleaning quicker and easier. In addition, Glass Guard, which is applied to the exterior of the side and rear windows, is designed for safety to give improved visibility due to its water repellent properties.

Autoglym’s nationwide LifeShine support team works with retailers across a wide spectrum of franchises. They help sales staff identify conversion opportunities and, most importantly, match the features and benefits of the LifeShine VPS to the customer’s needs. As a result, independent research has found that when a dealership switches to LifeShine, its penetration rate increases by an average of 13%. A dedicated LifeShine Business Manager supports each dealership to identify conversion opportunities and provides ongoing training and back-up. Training covers all aspects of the LifeShine sales process, a full overview of the guarantee and how to respond to frequently asked questions.

Support measures in the showroom include the LifeShine App. An easy-to-use interactive tool that enables sales staff to present LifeShine effectively, which takes the pressure out of selling. The salesperson can highlight LifeShine’s features and benefits and also send tailored information direct to the customer via email after a visit, if the sale wasn’t closed in the showroom.

Customers purchasing the LifeShine VPS are also provided with a comprehensive aftercare pack. The product line-up, which includes washing and cleaning products from the Autoglym retail range, makes it easy for the customer to keep their car in showroom condition.

As illustrated, Autoglym’s LifeShine VPS has the potential to generate lucrative incremental business for dealers. It’s endorsed by brands including Jaguar Land Rover, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Vauxhall, Kia and Honda, as an approved VPS for their dealer networks.


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