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As we head into the new ‘70’ registration period, how do dealerships make sure they (and their customers) get the most out of the deal?


Twelve months ago, car dealers across the UK were gearing up for one of their toughest trading periods ever as talk of a no-deal Brexit, a weak pound and uncertainty around WLTP regulations were keeping buyers away from showrooms.

But little did any of us know what was round the corner. While all of those factors still exist in one form or another, they have paled into insignificance in the face of a global pandemic that has pressed the reset button on the entire global economy.

So as we head into the new ‘70’ registration period and a new environment of customer uncertainty, how we do we make sure the customers who are crossing dealerships’ thresholds or – as is increasingly more common – dealing with them remotely, are kept on-side, and how do dealerships make sure they (and their customers) get the most out of the deal?

LifeShine adds a little sparkle, not only to the paint and trim, but also to the deal itself.

After all, it’s a buyers’ market and it’s through clever marketing and a polished sales technique that dealerships can use aftersales to gain those extra profits, with a good vehicle protection system (VPS) as an extremely useful tool to either maximise profit or seal the deal.

Autoglym’s VPS offering, LifeShine, is applied to both new and used vehicles. With new cars, LifeShine adds a little sparkle, not only to the paint and trim, but also to the deal itself. With its attractive cost, easy application, high durability and excellent earning potential, LifeShine is a useful upsell opportunity. There has never been a better time to convince a customer that choosing now to protect the future value and saleability of their new car will be a wise investment for the longer term.

Although competition is fierce in this sector, Autoglym finds that its manufacturer links to big automotive names like Volkswagen help to make life easier, not only for dealership sales staff looking for a reassuring and familiar ‘in’ for the customer, but also for the parts sales teams who actually get to notch each sale up against genuine parts targets, potentially lining up other latent parts bonus payments later in the year.

In addition, LifeShine can be used as an easy incentive to choose perfectly prepared used cars, too.

“Protecting a vehicle with LifeShine isn’t just about taking new cars and making them look their best and stay that way,” said Paul Caller, CEO at Autoglym. “While it inevitably makes the finish of a car last longer and is a wise investment on any new vehicle, it can also be applied retrospectively and really make your used stock stand out as a cut above the rest. Indeed, with used car sales stronger than ever and offering a decent level of margin to most dealerships, the upsell opportunity with the LifeShine protection package is one string to your bow. Having a forecourt full of perfectly prepped and protected cars is another – you can justifiably charge that little bit extra if you know your stock is as good as it can possibly be.”

While many think of Autoglym’s iconic white bottles adorning the shelves of local accessory stores (and perhaps even our own garage), it’s often forgotten that the company started out as a trade solution, and that’s where its heritage lies. Back in 1965, Motor Trade entrepreneur Dennis Barley developed a unique system for renovating used car paintwork for pro valeters to use at dealer level. Fast forward to the present day and the Autoglym Professional range has grown somewhat from those initial 11 products into a range that covers every aspect of vehicle preparation.

For dealers looking to make additional used car profit, and take perhaps an average condition part-ex to something altogether more showroom-friendly, the Professional range offers every answer.. Representing the industry’s best value, in terms of cost-per-use, Autoglym’s uniquely British formulation means that even if dealerships’ used car stock sits outside in the worst of British weather, the polishes, dressings and treatments will stay put longer than anything else out there. That means lower re-detailing costs and more towards the bottom line.

There’s clearly no magic wand for the current trading conditions, but by making vehicle preparation easier and more cost-effective, as well as allowing dealers to prepare their stock to the highest possible standards while adding an additional revenue stream, Autoglym is definitely part of the solution – and certainly one that’s worth bringing into your dealership.

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