The relevance of LifeShine to all market segments

Exploring how LifeShine can add value in both the volume and premium vehicle segments


Increasing sales penetration rates in a market climate where margins are continually under pressure has become the watchword throughout the retail motor industry, with dealers keen to maximise profitability on every new car. As a result, Autoglym’s LifeShine Vehicle Protection System (VPS), which protects a vehicle’s paintwork, glass and interior surfaces, presents an opportunity for dealers across all segments to provide customers with a highly effective way of protecting their investment, as well as generating incremental revenue for the business.

In terms of the overall market, LifeShine has achieved penetration rates of over 50% in the premium segment. However, LifeShine is equally relevant to the volume sector, where there is also strong opportunity for retailers to improve on penetration rates. LifeShine has delivered rates in excess of 30-40% with the sales and application training provided, as well as using the LifeShine support materials in the showroom.

Volume brand customers buying family cars may be conscious of spills and stains on the interior upholstery and the general wear and tear that can be subjected to the family workhorse. First-time buyers also represent a further market opportunity, where customers can typically invest a relatively large proportion of their income on a car and may wish to maintain its pristine appearance, making them receptive to the strength and reassurance of the Autoglym brand and the benefits of LifeShine’s protection proposition.

Customers are receptive to the strength and reassurance of the Autoglym brand and the benefits of LifeShine’s protection proposition.

Autoglym’s nationwide LifeShine support team works with retailers across a wide spectrum of franchises to help sales staff identify conversion opportunities and, most importantly, match the features and benefits of LifeShine to customer needs. As a result, independent research has found that that when a dealership switches to LifeShine, its penetration rate increases by an average of 13%. A dedicated LifeShine Business Manager supports each dealership to identify conversion opportunities at every stage of the sales process and provides ongoing training and back-up where necessary. Training covers all aspects of the LifeShine sales process, including a demonstration of the features and benefits, a full overview of the LifeShine guarantee and how to respond to frequently asked questions.

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It is also important to remember that the benefits of the LifeShine system to both the dealership and the customer depend on a high standard of pre-sale preparation and the correct application of products. Autoglym commits to offering full application training to valeters at every site. Training is carried out by Autoglym Technical Service Specialists who spend time with valeting staff to talk through any queries they may have regarding the application process. Detailed training videos are also provided for ongoing support and refresher training.

Support measures in the showroom include the LifeShine App, an easy-to-use interactive tool that enables sales staff to present the features and benefits of LifeShine to customers and helps to take the pressure out of selling. The salesperson can also send tailored information direct to their email account after a visit if commitment to purchase didn’t happen in the showroom and the customer wishes to have more ‘thinking time.’

Customers purchasing the LifeShine VPS are also provided with a comprehensive aftercare pack at vehicle handover. Containing premium products from the award-winning Autoglym retail range the Aftercare Collection provides drivers with everything they need to enhance the qualities of LifeShine’s unique Carbon Shield Technology™. The product line-up has been chosen and designed for the ongoing maintainance of the vehicle, making it easy for the customer to keep it in showroom condition.


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