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We examine the latest car interior trends and how they can boost VPS sales


Although the exterior of a vehicle, both in terms of its form and paint finish, presents the most visible aspects of a car’s innovation and design, automotive interiors have also developed in line with advances in technology. These include interiors suiting a particular lifestyle and the opportunity to personalise trim and fabric to reflect a driver’s individual style and taste.

The development of car interiors has been relatively conventional as regards engineering and the overall value of the vehicle but interior surfaces now offer considerable scope for manufacturers to take a step forward in areas including safety, comfort and entertainment. New technologies such as 3D laminated glass, haptic sensors which respond to touch and augmented reality head-up displays that project driver information onto the windscreen have already started to appear on vehicles in the showroom, alongside dash-mounted multimedia screens providing web-based information.

The imminent arrival of autonomous cars will further increase the use of technology in the interior, which according to PwC’s 2017 Automotive Trends report will fundamentally change the living space inside the car. As a result, the front seats may be reoriented to face the rear seats, enabling occupants to interact with each other socially as they would in their living room, whilst the car autonomously drives them to their destination.

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LifeShine’s Interior Protectant coating is professionally applied to the seats, footwell carpets and boot lining, and provides the perfect solution to protect fabric, leather and Alcantara.

Turning to today’s production models, current interior trends include fabric or leather seats in two or more colours, typically with contrasting stitching and piping, along with the use of embossed, embroidered or ink jet printed graphics. In addition, perforation in seat coverings is becoming more prevalent to allow air to flow through the seat for enhanced comfort. LED lighting, which has become ubiquitous in exterior vehicle lighting, is also becoming more prevalent within the interior through its use in mood or accent lighting to create emotional appeal. This enables drivers to choose their cockpit illumination or footwell colour to create a particular mood within the car at the touch of a button.

Alongside the influence of technology, the natural world is also influencing car interiors, with designers using ‘bio-mimicry’, the study of the patterns and forms used in nature, to influence interior design. This has resulted in the use of curved and flowing shapes, as well as more crystal-like and molecular shapes becoming more commonplace within the interior to reflect the design ethos of a particular vehicle.

Whatever the style, trend or type, whether now or in the future, car interiors need care and attention to protect them from spills and stains. As the leading global car care brand, Autoglym has carefully developed its LifeShine vehicle protection system (VPS) into a compelling showroom proposition with a solution that extends beyond paintwork and exterior glass protection by safeguarding a vehicle’s interior surfaces. LifeShine’s Interior Protectant coating, which is professionally applied to the seats, footwell carpets and boot lining, provides a solution to this problem by protecting fabric, leather and Alcantara. As a result, any spills sit on top of the coating and can be simply wiped away rather than soaking into the fabric.

LifeShine dealers can highlight the features and benefits of LifeShine to customers with the LifeShine App to help them make an informed decision. Furthermore, with effective sales and application training, as well as point of sale materials in the showroom, LifeShine has been proven to achieve penetration rates of over 50% for dealers in the premium segment and by 30-40% for those operating in the volume sector.

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